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26 Jan 2021

We’re Renting… But How Else Can We Be Sustainable in 2021?

It’s safe to say that injecting joy into our wardrobes with gorgeous rented pieces rather than splurging on fast fashion is something of a hot topic right now. Over the last couple of years fashion rental has become an important part of the sustainability conversation and sparked a behaviour change that is not only great for the planet but good for our bank balances. 

So, we’re all agreed that 2021 is most definitely the year of the rental when it comes to planet-conscious choices. But what other changes can we make to our daily lives that will have a positive impact on the planet and maybe even save us a little money in the process? 

We picked our five favourites. 


In our quest to make presents pretty we can often go a bit overboard on the paper and plastic, forgetting it will just be admired and chucked away afterwards. But gift-wrappers, don’t despair! We’re not suggesting you wrap your carefully-selected treasures in newsprint or fish and chip paper (although that would be a strong look). Instead, get yourself some reusable fabric gift wraps that the recipient can either give back to you or use to wrap their next gift. The idea being they just keep being passed on in an endless cycle of giving. When it comes to cards, platforms like Paperless Post are a great way to keep in touch without the paper or the footprint. You can personalise your designs and it’ll be the nicest email they receive all day!


We all have our favourite products when it comes to our beauty routine, but why not stray a little out of your comfort zone and try a shampoo bar? You can get the same results using the same ingredients but with way less wastage. Lots of your favourite brands are also doing refillable products so you can top up your shower gel or toner rather than buying new each time. Of course sometimes empties are unavoidable, so look out for schemes near you offering to recycle your old tubes and bottles, sometimes in exchange for points or treats.


We’ve already established that we’re all on board when it comes to renting (obvs), but it’s also important to consider looking at the fabrics your clothes are made from and how they’re produced. New, innovative and sustainable ways of creating planet-friendly clothing are being debuted all the time, from clever organic cottons to wool from certified farms (like this Whistles jumper dress). You can see some of our Endless sustainable favourites below.


We’re all pretty used to just picking up whatever we need from the fruit and veg shelves in our local supermarket. Strawberries in the dead of winter? No problem! But we could reduce our carbon footprint massively by choosing what to eat based on what is actually in season here in the UK. Remember, fruit and veg that isn’t in season will have been flown across the world chilled which is not only damaging to the planet but also reduces the flavour. Right now in January for example, oranges, lemons, beetroot and kale are all in season. We’re thinking hot honey and lemon tea on the sofa, fresh OJ in the morning and a side of crispy kale with dinner. Yum. 


If our homes are anything to go by, it’s rare to find a socket without a charger of some kind plugged into it these days. In fact tousling over iPhone chargers has become something of a domestic sport over the course of three lockdowns. But whilst it’s all too easy to leave the power switch on when your laptop or phone is good to go, your charger is still using energy even when your device is unplugged. See if you can challenge yourself to remember to turn it off. A small habit, but a good one.

Feeling inspired to make a positive change? Every time you rent rather than buy you’re doing a world of good for the planet. Browse rentals right here.

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