Cost per wear
7 Oct 2021


Rentals are great, don’t get us wrong. We’re pretty good at the whole rental thing too. But when we’re not attending birthday parties that require a statement House of Sunny frock or a wedding that calls out for a De La Vali gown, we’re curating the best pieces from your fave brands that we envisage in your wardrobes for a longer than just a weekend. At Endless, we're all about investing in pieces you know you'll wear endlessly and curating your capsule wardrobe. While you might be familiar with the idea of the capsule wardrobe (I mean, we all watched Gok Wan didn’t we) our current environmental climate has given the term a whole new meaning. And a whole new sense of power. Not only does a capsule wardrobe allow you to create look after look with less pieces (which is nice on the old purse strings), a capsule wardrobe also means you’re consuming less clothes in general. And that’s a whole lot better for the planet than mindlessly buying piece after piece of fast fashion that you won’t wear in a few weeks time.

The thing about a capsule wardrobe, however? Choosing the right pieces takes a little more consideration than your run of the mill dash to a nearby high street shop. Building a capsule wardrobe requires a fair amount of forward thinking to make sure the pieces you’re selecting won’t gather dust at the back of your closet and get the love they really deserve. Luckily for you, we like to make things nice and easy. Now, stay with us here, but this is where maths comes in: the cost per wear equation, to be precise. How do you do it? Simply divide the cost of the item you’re considering by the number of times you expect to wear it. The lower the outcome, the more bang for your buck. 

Not maths inclined? Here’s our picks of the most timeless pieces online right now, with the lowest cost per wear.


This timeless beauty is as versatile as it is classic. Wear it with a jumper over the top, add heels for an autumn wedding or just chuck on a pair of Docs. If you wore this once every two weeks over the next year, your cost per wear would be £8.95. That’s about the price of a good cocktail.


A jumpsuit is the crème de la crème of effortless, easy dressing. Pop it on with some shoes of your choosing and you’re off. See it into the colder months by simply adding a classic trench. If you wore this Essentiel Antwerp number once a week, you’d have a cost per wear of £5.20: the price of a croissant from a London cafe (really).


There’s nothing more multifunctional than a shirt: wear it with jeans, wear it as a cover-up over your fave dress or have the collar peeking out from your fave jumper. If you’re building a capsule wardrobe that will last it’s great to throw a few elevated basics in too: a classic shape like this in a fun print will definitely do the trick. If you wore this once a week, the cost per wear would be £1.32. We don’t even know what’s £1.32 anymore - some pick and mix perhaps? Either way, this is a piece that needs to make permanent residence in your closet.


We’re about to expose one of the biggest myths in the 21st century. Ready? No-one, we repeat no-one, cares if you wear something more than once. That’s why investing in a more elaborate piece would actually be a great decision. This 100% silk top in a classic shape that won’t go out of style will see you through any formal occasion you chuck at it. It will look perfect styled more casual with a pair of jeans too. If you wore this timeless baby once a month over the next five years, your cost per wear would be £2.75. Now that is maths we can get behind.


We all know you need some solid pairs of jeans in your capsule wardrobe; some simple tailored trousers wouldn’t go amiss either. But a sure fire way to elevate your capsule wardrobe is to inject some more statement pieces. Take these Essentiel Antwerp Track Pants: great in the summer with trainers and a little crop top, perfect in winter under your fave oversized jumper and a trench and even pretty comfy for lounging. They’re a triple threat. Wear these babies once a week over the next two years and you’ve got a cost per wear of £3.07. Bang tidy. 

Feel inspired? We thought so. Get your calculators and head on over to our shop. 

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