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6 Apr 2021


When it comes to sustainable fashion, we believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Conscious shopping doesn’t have to mean sacrificing newness, excitement and the latest trends. Not in the slightest. In fact, here at Endless Wardrobe, our model is dedicated to bringing you even more of those things. We’re all about loving fashion AND the planet. Want to know more?


Did you know in the UK alone 10,000 items of clothing are sent to landfill every five minutes? So whilst that £10 top you bought last month may not seem like a lot to throw out, when we’re all doing it, it really adds up. That’s where renting comes in! 

Choosing a piece for 4, 10 or 16 days gives you all the fun of adding something new to your wardrobe for an occasion, a holiday… or even just because. Then when you’re done, just pop it back to us in your reusable bag and voila! 

Of course some items are keepers that you just know you’ll wear again and again - no landfill in sight! So if you fall in love with a rented item we’ll even take the rental price off the total to purchase. Essentially that means you can road test a piece, try it on with the rest of your wardrobe and ask your friends what they think. No hasty decisions, no sartorial regret and NO landfill.


It’s estimated that £30 billion worth of clothes are hanging in UK wardrobes that have never been worn. Ever. That’s a lot of midi dresses. And a lot of money! Plus, when you consider it takes 2,700 litres of water to make a single tee-shirt, that’s a LOT of pressure on our planet. 

We’re all about you getting the most for your money without costing the earth which is why we offer you three ways to shop: rent, buy nearly new or buy new. We’re really proud of our nearly new, pre-loved offering and you’ve been loving it too. Nothing goes to waste and it means you can invest in pieces you’ll wear forever from your favourite brands at super affordable prices. Yay.


We’re always working on ways to be even more sustainable. A big part of our business involves keeping all our items spotless, from our trending rental pieces to our pre-loved collection. We’re proud to say our garments are 5x more sanitised than equipment used to prep food in a restaurant! 

Of course the environmental impact of dry cleaning can be huge which is why our partners are award winners in sustainable cleaning. That means zero waste goes to landfill, toxic emissions are continually being reduced and an eco-friendly ozone chamber is used to sanitise garments whenever possible. Sparkling. 


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