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23 Mar 2021


A touch of hedonistic island life sounds pretty good right about now, doesn't it? Meet Jana Sacha Havemen and Laura Castro; Ibizan-born, life-long friends and founders of Insta-famous label De La Vali. If their dresses were people they'd be sensual, free-spirited and out all night; very much like the celebrities who are regularly seen wearing DLV. From their original (unofficial) brand ambassador Kate Moss to current faves Dua Lipa, Adwoa Aboah, Kendal Jenner and Dolly Alderton, today's cool-girl set just can't get enough.

As if those fashion credentials weren't enough, Havemen and Castro founded De La Vali back in 2018 when they were barely past their mid twenties (hello #strongfemalefounders) after bonding over a shared love of flea markets and vintage. Inspired by the unapologetic glamour of 70s party culture and the bohemian freedom of their Ibizan homeland, the two started a brand that encapsulated femininity, strength and some truly iconic prints (lime green tiger print, we see you).

If De La Vali dresses were people they'd be sensual, free-spirited and out all night.

De La Vali is named after Vali Myers: an artist, visionary and dancer who - when she wasn't living in a cave in the hills of Positano - walked the streets of New York barefoot with her pet fox. Vali's commitment to self-expression inspired the brand's name as well as the duo's fearless approach to design.

As founders Jana and Laura once wisely uttered in an interview; 'It's not about being the most sexy girl in the room, it's about being the most interesting girl in the world.' Or indeed, as we transition out of lockdown, the most interesting girl in the garden, park or outdoor eatery. We couldn't agree more. 

Here at Endless Wardrobe De La Vali has long been a favourite of ours and we're proud to bring you some of their most iconic pieces to shop in three ways: rent, buy good as new or buy new. So whether it's a summer fling or a long-term commitment you're looking for, we've got you covered.

As we emerge from lockdown and start to make plans (plans!), we're looking to De La Vali for some serious sultry summer inspo. So which pieces should you be snapping up?




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