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17 Mar 2022


So we asked you to ask us anything on the Endless Insta this week and here's a round up of all the things you gorgeous lot want to know. If you're already an Endless pro, skip the first bit and scroll down for an update on what's to come...


Why is Endless different to other shopping platforms? 

Because we’re THE ONLY(!!) site to let you shop each style in 3 ways – buy new, buy nearly-new, or rent – so renting or shopping second-hand is as easy as buying new. If you’ll wear it endlessly then buy. If you’ll just wear it once then rent. 

Founders tip: If in doubt, rent then buy! If you love it, just click the 'keep forever' link once you've received it and you can buy it and keep it forever. Kind of like a try-before-you-buy kinda thang..! Cool hey. 

What's the difference between new and nearly-new? 

New = brand new with original retail tags like you’d buy on the high street. 

Nearly-new = rented pieces still in immaculate condition, professionally dry-cleaned and only cared for by us, with a discount on RRP for shopping more sustainably. 

Endless delivery

Endless delivery


What if it doesn’t fit, can I order more than one size, can I try it ahead of the event….???

We get so many questions like this. The answer is.. you can return for a refund if it doesn't fit! If you send an item back to us unworn (with the tags and ribbon still attached) we will refund you. So you can try a few pieces or sizes, or try it before your event. If that iconic Musier dress does absolutely nothing for you (we've all been there) then we'll refund you. Simple. 

Seriously though, what happens if I drown it in red wine?

When we started this biz we made the pioneering decision not to charge for damages. One of the reasons people rent from us is because they can't always afford to pay full price, so it wouldn't be right. Thankfully our lovely customers are careful and look after the clothes with good care (thank you!) - we aim to reduce, and not raise anxiety levels..! We can fix almost anything, and if we can’t, we up-cycle or donate. Don't be nervous, give it a go, and as always just shout if you have any questions for us!

Don't be nervous, it can't go wrong, just try it!


Okay good question - we have just done a big wardrobe declutter, to make space for lots of newness, so the site is looking a little light at the mo. Stay tuned for very exciting new drops! 

When are you getting more stock? 

We have an exciting new De La Vali drop launching next week, and the new Musier Paris collection dropping within weeks. And we're not stopping there, we have lots more to come this SS22. You won't be disappointed! 

Where does your stock come from?

We work with all our brands as an official stockist, curating our fave pieces just for you, from their current collections. We aren’t peer-to-peer (we don’t work with other people’s wardrobes like most rental and resale sites) which means we’re able to offer full size runs, next day delivery and dedicated customer service. 

When will you do a maternity range? 

We always offer bump-friendly pieces and have had lovely feedback from customers who have found the perfect rental or purchase for their bump, we know how important it is, and we're dropping more bump-friendly pieces this summer. Stay tuned! 

Laura in the Oswaldo Dress

Laura in the Oswaldo Dress

Why did you start Endless? 

Because we think something like this needed to exist! We always borrowed each others clothes for parties, dates, holidays, but there wasn't a site that made it as easy to do this as shopping at ASOS. And we wanted to shop more sustainably in an easy way that the average girl like us would trust - and without being v savvy shoppers we struggled to know what to buy on the resale sites. We just wanted to make this affordable, possible and easy for everyone. 

What are your personal faves? 

On site currently, the oh-so-feathery DLV Hollywood dress and Espresso skirt. We wore to an event last weekend and had lots of compliments on our co-ordinating outfits... We'll put together a round up of our past and future faves for you soon. 

What's next?

We have so many exciting plans and dreams which we can't wait to share with you all - first up is to grow our brands and styles on the site - with the best pieces from the best brands, all available to shop 3 ways. So, more brands, more stock, more styling tips from us, and more for our fabulous community. We're only just getting started. 

Founder faves

Founder faves

What's next?