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27 Jul 2021


What do Aperol Spritz's, an ice-cream melting down your hand and sun-kissed skin all have in common? Well, they're what we expect of summer. They're the idealised version we see in films and hear people crooning about in our fave summer anthems (Pure Shores by All Saints, we're looking at you). But thanks to where we're situated on planet Earth, it's less blue skies and more thunderstorms and rain-soaked, wrongly-timed trips to the corner shop. 

Okay, that all sounds a bit negative. But here at Endless Wardrobe, we like to look on the bright side of things. Who says you need sweltering heat heat to pull a look that will send a few "where'd you get that" DMs your way? Aren't the A/W shows, with all their layering and transitional excellence, the ones you're always drooling over? As an ode to our Great British Summertime here's our picks of the hottest styles for a not-so-hot summer.


The beauty of these pieces? They can be worn in pretty much whatever way you want. Take the Free People Feeling Groovy Dress. Start the day by pairing it with bare legs and some cowboy boots. It's a summer dream. When that inevitable rain hits, take a pair of baggy Levi's out your bag, pop them on and you've got a sexy tunic top. Thank us later. That Essentiel Antwerp Yellow Maxi Slip Dress? In true 90s style, it's just begging to be popped over a white baby tee. 


Layering is quite literally 2021's biggest trend. There's maximalism, which is all about the layering of prints and colours; basically go bold or go home. On the other end of the scale? A more subdued trend of layering more basic pieces on top of each other: think double coats, jeans under dresses and cute baby tees under more delicate cami tops. 


A knit is a pretty obvious way to add a bit of warmth to an outfit; that's the conventional way to go about things. The more fun way? Wear a bikini, wear absolutely nothing in fact, and watch as any statement knit from House of Sunny diverts the attention away from your shivering, teeth-chattering wreck of a body onto the more important details of the jumper in question. Problem solved! 


This edit goes out to all the gals who will, rain or shine, wear whatever they want. We respect it: it takes commitment and a superhuman resistance to the biting British wind and rain. We get it too. I mean, who would want to ruin a thought-out, picture-perfect outfit by chucking on a frumpy jumper. All we ask? Don't catch a cold. Picture the Musier Baila Dress tucked underneath a timeless trench. Stunning. 

Lucky for you, we're extending Endless Summer throughout August so there's 3 for 2 on ALL rentals for another month. Put down your Mojito, make yourself a cuppa and rent away. 

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