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7 Jul 2021


Pre-pandemic fashion was decidedly minimalist. Less was definitely more and brands like Jacquemus, with their clean lines and muted colour palettes, dominated. Then that little thing called COVID-19 happened and our jeans and simple white tees had to be swapped for something even more simple: loungewear. 

Now, don't get me wrong. Loungewear is great. It got us through many Zoom calls and Real Housewives binge-watches. But a year going in and out of lockdowns obviously stirred up a desire for something more. Creators from all over the world wanted to create and out of the dark came the light: maximalism. 

This isn't to say that maximalism hasn't been around before: household names like Gucci and Comme Des Garcons have extravagence and spectacle weaved into their DNA. But during the pandemic, this style was not only on the catwalks, but mirrored by us at home. Instagram was full of small designers offering the latest funky styles while our TikTok feeds were video after video of DIYs on how to make La Manso style rings or crochet pieces. 

So this is how maximalism all came about, but how do we actually wear it. Well, you're not alone in thinking that parading around in a fluffy cardigan is a little bit intimidating, whether you've been at home in your trackies for a year, or not. Luckily for you, Endless Wardrobe has decided to make it easy for you. Maximalism isn't only for insta-queens Devon Lee Carlson and Dua Lipa; grab your resin rings and some jelly mules and get stuck in. 


For the seasoned peruser of Instagram, maximalism is a walk in the park. A bright-coloured co-ord? Easy, mate. Throw it my way and chuck me some Lexxola specs while you're at it. Here are our picks if you wanna go whole-hog, insta-worthy outfit. If you're feeling super funky, throw on a textured knit, some statement mules and a beaded bag a-la layering queen @lovevie.


We get it, we get it. It's a lot. But it doesn't have to be. Maximalist pieces can be dressed down by pairing them with something a whole lot more casual. You might be wondering what the cult House of Sunny Island Peggy Cardigan is doing here? Well, I think this little baby can be made to suit any occasion by pairing it with some baggy jeans and casual trainers. It works the other way round too; take some more basic colourful pieces and pair them with some out-there accessories. This classic Whistles dress + some resin rings + statement earrings = a DM asking where your outfit's from. That De La Vali dress? Does all the talking by itself.


At the end of the day, some people just don't want to wear a rainbow maxi, whether it's trendy or not. We understand. At the core of the maximalism is expressing yourself. And after a long year of not really being able to do it, we're all for doing that however you please. While traditional maximalism takes a lot of inspiration from 70s prints, if you're a vintage babe that likes to go a little further back, opt for the Alexa Chung Shroom dress or this Whistles co-ord. And who said maximalism has to be restricted to clothes only? If you're a makeup guru in the making, pair one of these more simple looks with a bold eye. 

I imagine this has got you pretty excited, whether you're a Hockney-dress-La-Manso-ring-wearing-gal or not. Well, it's your lucky day: for the whole of July, it's 3 for 2 on ALL rentals. Head to Endless Wardrobe and get stuck in. 

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