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16 Jul 2021


So what is French style? Well, a few weeks we talked about maximalism. To put it simply, french girl style is at the other end of spectrum when it comes to bold colours and extravagant pieces. French girl style is decidedly more minimal; it's about choosing more timeless pieces and elevated basics. It's that perfect middle ground between dressy and casual.

Overall, French style has come to be associated with a certain level of sexiness and effortlessness, that's for sure. Me? Sexy? We know, it's an intimidating word. But here at Endless Wardrobe, we actually think that French girl style is more attainable than you think. 

Where are we going with this? Well, we might have the just the ticket to this nonchalant, laid-back style all the magazines talk about. And it's called Musier. 

Musier is the brainchild of Parisian IT-girl Anne-Laure Mais. Founded in 2018 Musier is inspired by various aspects of Anne-Laure Mais' youth, particularly the surf culture she experienced in Spain as well as her enduring love for vintage. The result? Pure dreaminess. 

We could ramble on all day about our French style heroes and the magic of Musier, but let's get down to business. Here are our picks from the Musier range to channel the absolute queens of Parisian sartorial brilliance: Françoise Hardy, Monica Bellucci and Anne-Laure Mais herself. 


As well as being at the forefront of the Sixties music scene Hardy has come to represent a mix of minimalism and bohemian, known for her little white dresses, chunky fur coats and trademark full fringe. How to achieve that? Pick up one of Musier's more masculine pieces, like their Shirt Sol or Shirt Salud. Their Top Bonita with those 60s style ring straps? Pair it with some more tailored trousers and you'll actually be making Hardy jealous. While you're at it, grab some scissors and cut a fringe in. We're not liable if it's a bit on the short side. 


When we think of Monica Bellucci, we think of sexy, figure hugging dresses. We think of Dolce Gabbana and walking down a 90s red carpet with Vincent Cassel on her arm. Ahh, it's the French dream. How to channel this energy? Let those locks down, pop on a nude lip and and slip into a Musier dress. They're cut low in all the right places and elude that Bellucci sensuality. 


The lady behind Musier herself. She is todays answer to Monica Belluci and Françoise Hardy all wrapped into one. Mais loves a statement coat; if a Musier dress feels a little too revealing, toughen it up by adding an oversized leather jacket or trench. Mais also understands the key to making any outfit incredibly chic: add a vintage mini-bag. Make it a classic shape, neutral colour and always, always make it mini. What do you really need to carry round anyway? 

We know we've got you salivating over these timeless beauties. Well, grab a croissant (mind the crumbs), head to the website and have a browse. Until the end of July it's 3 for 2 on ALL rentals, so everything you need to become a French mega-babe is at your fingertips.

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