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10 Feb 2021

Dating Chat: Your Worst Dates

We may not be allowed to date IRL right now but over the last year, dating has been one of the many things that coronavirus has transformed into something totally unrecognisable. From Covid-cuffing, lockdown lovers and fear of mask sweat, terminology and etiquette is changing at quite a pace. Parks are the new pubs, puffa jacket and walking boots are the new LBD and discussing proximity to public toilets or a coffee cart is the new (and essential) pre-date chat. 

As it’s Love Month we thought we’d share some of your funniest and most awkward dating stories, some pre-covid and others bravely navigating the tricky waters of the past year. And wow, you really delivered. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

A guy and I bumped face masks after a date when we ended up getting the same tube home and were trying to say goodbye. Most awkward thing ever. I don’t know why we didn’t just hug…

I went on a first date and after one drink he announced he was ready to leave and left me standing at the bar on my own. I wasn’t about to let anybody treat me like that so naturally I put his number on Gumtree with an ad for a free TV. His phone will have had an absolute meltdown. Job done. That should have been the perfect end to the story but a few months later I turned up to a meeting and who came down to greet me in the lift as my new account manager? Yup. That guy.

I was on a date and we somehow ascertained pretty early on that this guy had been at uni with my boss. He promptly spent the entire night asking me questions to find out who had been more successful since graduating…him or my boss? Spoiler: it was my boss.

I once went to the cinema on a date and was looking forward to relaxing back with my popcorn and enjoying the film...until the guy started twiddling my hair around his finger. And he didn’t stop for the WHOLE film. Two hours. I couldn’t even look at him. It was so weird.

On a first date last year when pubs were still closed I was forced to do a wilderness wee on Primrose hill in a bush while he kept watch and held my bag. It definitely brought us closer together!

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