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17 Mar 2021


Over the past year (year!) it’s probably fair to say we’ve all developed a deep attachment to our loungewear. Pyjamas, joggers, leggings; whatever your weapon of choice, these stretchy saviours have been a comfort blanket in times of pretty huge uncertainty. At least being comfy and cosy is something we’ve been able to control. We’ve mooched to the max, sometimes wondering if our cotton or wool mix uniform has actually morphed into a soft second skin. Ease and comfort have been a real treat and we’ve needed that.


Is it just us, or is there a little less satisfaction in reaching for those snuggly bottoms of a morning? We feel a little guilty about it (after all, it's basically been our best friend) but we think we might be turning against our loungewear. It might be the approach of the year anniversary of lockdown. It might be the occasional brief but glorious resurgence of the sun in between irritating cold spells. Or it might just be our wardrobes screaming out for attention. Whatever it is, we think we’re ready to put actual looks together again. Yeah, we know. 

We’ll have to start slow. If you’re anything like us you’ve sort of forgotten how to get dressed. We might start with an eternally chic denim jumpsuit (thanks Whistles) or an effortless maxi with a little knitwear slung over the top. We may even break out a (dusty) pair of boots instead of reaching for the trainers. Rather than filling our oversized pockets with possessions we might take a handbag out - doesn’t that seem novel!? - to complete an actual outfit. We’re getting tingles just thinking about it. 

In time (and via Boris’ roadmap) we’ll graduate seamlessly into cute dresses with oversized blazers, silk midis with our favourite tees and maybe even an occasion look for an intimate wedding or birthday. We see outfits in our future and we are rejoicing. 

How are you all feeling about getting dressed again? Or maybe you have been all along? We’d love to hear from you over on Instagram @endlesswardrobe where we’re always around to chat life and looks. See you there?

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