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1 Jul 2021


Did you know we are the only platform to offer you three ways to shop the same style? That means you can choose any piece on Endless to rent, buy new or buy nearly-new. We’ve even had a site relaunch this week making it even easier to curate your wardrobe your way. 

So how do we do it? Unlike a lot of other platforms, we work with all our brands as an official stockist meaning we own and hold every single item. This not only means every piece has only ever been professionally cared for by us, it also means we can offer you the opportunity to rent, buy new or buy nearly-new. The choice is entirely yours. 

You see, we’re all about empowering you to make smart choices and we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your wardrobe. You should be able to enjoy the latest trends and newness whilst not being forced into buying fast fashion. You should be able to rent that Whistles dress and then fall in love and keep it forever. You should be able to invest in your favourite brands at different price points to suit your budget. 

That’s where our three ways to shop comes in. 

Let’s take the House of Sunny Day Tripper Cardi. Picture this...

Scenario 1: You’ve got weekend plans involving pub gardens and parks and it would be the perfect addition to add a little newness to your look just for the weekend. 

How to shop? Rent it.

Scenario 2: You’ve pretty much pinned every image of the HOS cardi in existence and have been lying in wait for it to come back in stock. It’s 100% your style, you can already name several occasions when you’ll wear it and you’ve got the budget to treat yourself and invest. 

How to shop? Buy new.

Scenario 3: You’re a little more squeezed on budget this month but you’d much rather invest in a piece from a sustainable brand you’ll love forever than find a cheap fast fashion alternative. That 20% discount off the RRP will make all the difference.

How to shop? Buy nearly-new.

Want to know more? Here’s our easy guide to shopping the Endless way.

How do I find my piece?

It’s all about finding the perfect piece first and then deciding how to shop it. Our newly-launched site means you can now search and browse by brand or designer (from Whistles and Never Fully Dressed to newbies House of Sunny and Musier), occasion (pub garden to GNO) or category (think cute tops, dresses etc). 

So if you’ve been stalking the Musier Sol Shirt on Instagram (we don’t blame you) you can head straight to it, or you can gently browse through all our cutest tops with a cup of tea in hand. 

Once you’ve found your piece, you can decide how to shop: rent, buy new or buy nearly-new.

How does renting work?

Simply select rent in the drop down menu and you’ll be asked to choose your size, duration (4,10 or 16 days) and dates. If you can’t decide between Whistles and Musier for your best friend’s wedding, remember you can add extra sizes and styles to your order - all unworn rentals will be refunded. When you're done, simply pop everything back in the reusable mail bag and send back to us.

This thing happened with a glass of red wine...

You are completely covered for all damage and staining. Don’t try and wash or dry clean - send back to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if I fall in love?

It happens, trust us! If you find you can’t possibly part with your rental and feel sure you’ll wear it endlessly, simply select ‘Keep Forever’ at checkout and voila! It’s yours. We’ll even discount the rental price off the total. You are so welcome. 

Our favourite rentals

OK, so how about if I want to buy a piece?

You have the option to shop each piece however you like: rent, buy new or buy nearly-new. After all, you know your style and when you know you’re going to wear a piece endlessly, you just know. Investing in a piece to love and wear forever makes sense financially and if it can replace several fast fashion mistakes, then it makes sense for the planet too! Items like knits, tops and jumpsuits make great buys as you're more likely to wear them again and again.

What’s the deal with buying brand new?

Our brand new pieces are exactly what they say on the tin: brand new from brand, never-worn and with tags. So if you've been coveting a piece and have a cosy little spot in your wardrobe ready and waiting, this option is for you.

And nearly-new?

Our nearly-new, pre-loved offering consists of pre-rented items in excellent condition. Typically discounted by at least 20%, it’s the perfect way to more consciously invest in your favourite brands. It’s more affordable and sustainable than new. Win win.

Our favourite buys

Inspired to give it a try? Head over to find your favourites and choose how to shop. Trust us, you won’t want to shop any other way. If you've still got questions pop over to our FAQs page.

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