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4 May 2021


It’s no secret we think renting is the way forward when it comes to the future of fashion. When you can inject some fun and newness into your wardrobe from just £19 with no splurging, no guilt and no dry cleaning, why wouldn’t you? And don’t get us started on the sustainability benefits. Happy wardrobe, happy planet, happy us. It’s the fling we all want to be having. 

But have you ever thought about renting as a way of deciding whether a piece might have a longer term place in your life? With Endless, you can rent, take it for a spin and then if it's love, choose to keep forever at checkout. We’ll even take the rental price off the purchase total. Easy as that. It's the perfect opportunity to decide whether it’s a bit of fun over brunch or a wear-forever classic. 

Use the rental period to wear it again and again (and again), style it up with the rest of your wardrobe, ask honest friends and take mirror selfies.

If you’ve had fun but it’s not forever, pop it back and start eyeing up your next rental. 

It’s the new way to shop and build a wardrobe that works for you, your wallet and the planet. 

Still not sure? Try our three questions to decide how to shop...


We’ve all been there. You try a piece in the safety of your room, it looks great in the mirror so you happily snip off the tags and prepare for the love affair of a lifetime. Except as soon as you walk down the street/sit on the train, you realise it doesn’t function quite as you’d hoped. Is there a hell worse than a skirt that rides up as you walk? With Endless, you can wear your rental out in the world as much as you like for your rental period and see exactly how it works in real life before you commit.


Love isn’t always enough. That silk slip dress may be perfection on a hanger but if it’s for once-a-year special occasions only, you’ve got to consider that next year you might want to try something new. No matter how beautiful, if it’s hanging in your wardrobe untouched, it’s not doing your finances or the planet any favours. 

On the flip side, it might be an item you wear lots that’s overrepresented in your wardrobe. Cute tops might be your thing and the Musier Alma is the latest shiny jewel in your crown. Sure, you’ve worn it to death this weekend but will it remain a favourite or are you already lusting after the new House of Sunny halter dropping next week? Whether you’re a collector of classics or a craver of newness, just own it. Get to know your habits and you’ll find it easier to take smart decisions when it comes to your wardrobe. 


It sounds boring, but check the laundry instructions. We’ve all breezily committed to a silk dress or cashmere cardigan, convincing ourselves that we won’t mind taking it to the dry cleaners. Three years later and it’s still at the bottom of the washing basket. If wash at 30 and air dry is more your vibe, make life a little easier and keep high maintenance looks as rentals so we can take care of all that for you. Likewise, if you’ve got your laundry skills down to a tee and can care for that dress like an adorable puppy, then it might be the perfect keep-forever pairing. 

Inspired to shop the new way? Head over to Endless Wardrobe and browse rentals from Free People, Musier, Whistles, House of Sunny and more...

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