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1 Feb 2021

It’s Love Month! But Not as You Know It…

Love and February obviously go hand in hand. But here at Endless Wardrobe when we say love, we’re not talking about a box of chocolates and a cliché card on one day of the year. This month we want to celebrate love in all its forms, and romance is definitely not top of the agenda. 

#EndlessLove is love for your friends, your cat, your roommates (sometimes). It’s the endless love affair with your bed, your cheese plant, even your favourite wine glass. 

It’s bad dates, secretly loving the whole bed to yourself, getting mad at your partner, talking to your houseplants, love notes on the fridge, preferring dogs to people…and everything in between. 

We’re removing the labels, the pressure (and the cheese) and getting down to what love really means for all of us every single day. And most importantly, we’re celebrating the love you have for yourself. Because that’s the greatest #EndlessLove story of all. 

From body positive influencers and funny lockdown dating stories to a colourful new brand launch from one of our favourite designers (our lips are sealed!) we’re going to be treating you to a whole lot of love this Love Month. 

To kick things off, we thought we’d share what #EndlessLove means to some of the team here at Endless Wardrobe.


“#EndlessLove with myself is something I have learnt the hard way over the last few years, and for some reason it seems to be the most difficult thing to do!? I have realised that loving yourself isn’t just about bubble baths on Sundays (although those are great too). Genuinely loving yourself involves so much more. So this love month, my endless love is actually for me!”


#EndlessLove makes me think of the fabulous people in my life who love me on the good and the not-so-good days just the same. Who sign up for it all, and take it all wholeheartedly. Because if it’s truly endless, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


For me, #EndlessLove right now is about the baby my husband and I are expecting this summer! Being pregnant during Covid has been weird, scary and exciting all at the same time. But the support and excitement from family and friends has been beyond gorgeous. The sugar cravings also mean my true #EndlessLove this February is a family size pack of biscuits.


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