Is it just us, or did the Christmas trimmings linger for a little longer than usual this time around? Even the most ardent followers of ritual seemed to hesitate just a couple of days longer before taking down the fairy lights, sweeping up the needles and finishing off that festive chocolate supply (actually, we’re still going on that last one). 

So, as we nudge ourselves into January proper, what place do the clothes we wear have in the brave new world of 2021? Usually we’d be debuting a little something new acquired over Christmas for the first weeks back at work. Maybe a long-coveted coat or boots won bravely in the sales. 

But without the rush of upcoming events to spiral us into hasty decisions and bold reinventions, fashion feels a little more personal, a little more thoughtful. What are the pieces that will carry us through our days and anchor us to our sense of self?

We’re exploring some of the things we might all be doing differently this year when it comes to fashion…


Are you finding yourself wearing colour as a boost on a Monday? Are you looking down to find the same jumper on your body for the fifth day in a row? Have you sworn never to subject yourself to high-waisted jeans ever, ever again? Now is the time to be curious about what makes you feel good…or not so good. And it’s not always what you expect. Perhaps you’ll swear daily allegiance to a dress and lipstick or maybe you’ll discover a uniform just isn’t your thing. If you can elevate your day and how you feel with clothes, do it. 


We’re all living in our own little bubbles right now and for a lot of us this means surrounding ourselves with the stuff that gets us through the day. House plants, books, pets, banana bread (sorry), rolled up yoga mats. Many of us are taking a renewed pride in our space, no matter how small it may be. 

In the same way, why not treat your wardrobe like a space to be personalised? Infuse a little newness into the everyday with a rented piece. It’s a lovely way to pepper your week and your wardrobe with little borrowed treats that make you feel good and don’t cost the earth (quite literally). Opening your wardrobe should feel just like opening your front door. 


Question: how often do you pause to enjoy your clothes? Like really appreciate them. The feel of the fabric, the drape, the weight, the detailing. We have been known to stroke a silky satin dress for quite some time (we’re looking at you, De La Vali) and we find taking the time to appreciate and enjoy the pieces on your body really roots you in the moment, as well as giving you a new appreciation for what you have. No matter what chaos is happening around you, bring yourself back into the moment with a little old fashioned appreciation for those super soft joggers or the velvety goodness of that top (hello, Free People).


At Endless wardrobe we’ve long been convinced that alongside rental, resale is part of the solution to the wastage of fast fashion. In fact our platform is the only place you can shop a piece three ways: rent, buy new or buy good as new, not forgetting our outlet store where you can catch classic styles to keep forever. 

But make sure you’re sharing the love as well. Instead of feeling bad about a piece that you wore once and know you’ll never wear again, sell it on or even rent it out using one of the many amazing platforms out there. We all make mistakes but we can still take smart, responsible action. Let 2021 be the year we start putting sustainability at the forefront of the conversation.


At its conception, rental felt exclusive to big events; one-off, special occasions. But along with the world and everything in it, the rental market continues to grow and change. The spirit of rental isn’t tethered to red carpets and glitzy affairs. As our social lives change, it’s fast becoming a smart, sustainable way to add newness to everyday life. No matter what that life currently entails. 

Adding a little rental to your wardrobe for a week or two takes much less commitment than a cheese plant (zero watering) and wins you loads more sustainability points than a bulging package of fast fashion. Perhaps 2021 is the year when we fully embrace rental as part of our everyday lives. That would be exciting, wouldn’t it?

Ready to think differently about fashion in 2021? Come and jazz up your week with a rented piece from Whistles, Never Fully Dressed, De La Vali and more.