Ibiza style
14 Jul 2021


It’s Friday evening, the end of the working week. You want to have a bit of fun. You look longingly at the dress, the one you still haven’t found the right time to wear. There’s the pub, sure, but you know this silky number doesn’t feel quite at home amongst spilled pints and floor chips. 

You know deep down that you yearn for something more: that little dress deserves to be seen. It deserves a grand tour of bars and clubs while you sip cocktails against the backdrop of the buzzing city. Well, the 19th of July is just around the corner. No longer are we looking for clothes for an occasion that might happen: now it will. That dress can finally make its debut. 

Broadly speaking, going "out-out" has come to mean a night of uninhibited drinking, dancing and fun. And for some, that's probably a pretty accurate description of the coming Monday night. But for those who have taken to the transition from heels to slippers like a duck to water, popping on your best glad-rags and hitting the town might feel like a bit intimidating. 

So whatever your definition of the term is, here are our best picks for making your return to the infamous night out. 


Ahh, date night. Laboriously working on an extravagant eye-makeup look you've just seen on Iris Law to the extent that by the time you reach the restaurant your partner is more than a little bit annoyed with you. Still, date night is fun and thanks to modern feminism we're no longer confined to a little dress and heels. For us, french brand Musier is the perfect accompaniment to holding hands in a dimly-lit restaurant; their sexy silhouettes can be offset by more tailored pieces so you can elude sensuality in the most modern, sartorial way. 


We can't be the only ones who aren't particularly keen to get back amongst the smells and stickiness that come with sweaty bars and clubs. Searches on the Good Food website while looking for something new to chef-up during lockdown have left us feeling pretty Nigella Lawson as well. This calls for a dinner party! Intimate chats with your mates, drinks that aren't extortionate and the beauty of wearing whatever you want. Pop on a Bella Hadid verified Musier cardi if you're feeling casual and twirl about in a De La Vali dress if you're not! Take advantage of the fact you don't have a whole bar as an audience and take some pics as well. 


Okay, okay. Maybe sometimes we're inclined towards a bit of a messy night out. Once every few months... Or few weeks... Once a week? Come to think of it, we haven't been out in a year so there's no harm in making up for lost time... Three words for you: De La Vali. bright colours, silky, almost iridescent fabrics. They're practically calling on you to wear them as you descend down the stairs into your favourite club. 

With a social calendar that's been severely lacking for the past year, who said you don't have all three of these on your agenda? Lucky for you, until the end of July there's 3 for 2 on ALL rentals. Grab a pre-drink and get browsing. 

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