10 Aug 2021


At the beginning of 2021, countless fashion media outlets were reporting on the power of pastel. But why? Well, whether consciously or unconsciously, the pandemic has drastically altered our shopping habits. We switched our little dresses for baskets full of cushions, throws, beauty bits and bobs and comfy clothes. With the world outside our windows looking pretty daunting, us consumers turned to other things that could soothe our soul at home. And along with our penchant for calming body butters and candles, came a desire for relaxing colours as well. You see where we're going with this, right? Introducing: pastels. 

But what exactly makes those subdued shades of lilac, green and pink so soothing, exactly? According to Caroline Mair, author of The Psychology of Fashion, it's pretty simple. It's based on our psychological assumptions. Generally we perceive pastels as psychologically lighter than, say, black or navy blue. Pastels also take us back to the comfort of our childhood; we are unconsciously drawn towards the colours of our old toys and clothes that remind us of that naive bliss. 

But that's enough Freudian analysis for now. Psychology aside, how do you actually wear pastels? Well, it's easier than you think and luckily for you it doesn't involve heading up to the attic to find your baby-grow before a big night out. Presenting, the Endless Wardrobe pastel edit. 


Don't let this title intimidate you. The beauty of a monochromatic pastel moment is it does all the talking without the need of much else. Slip into our new Olivia Rubin Claire Dress, pop on some accessories and you're ready to go. 


Right, stick with us for this one. If pastels feel either too intimidating or too My Little Pony for your liking, try a pattern. While you might think it would be less easy on the eyes, it breaks up the colour and makes it more manageable. Try some trendy checkerboard a-la the Olivia Rubin Aubrey Dress or go for a classic floral print. 


If you feel like you can rock it, then go for it. These dresses are for the babes that can mix pastels, prints and texture for a more maximalist fashion moment. Try this season's spin on the cult favourite House of Sunny dress or go for our new Olivia Rubin Lia Dress. With that statement graphic print, she's pure 90s nostalgia. 


The easiest way to don some pastel? Pair it with some more minimalist pieces. Try these House of Sunny cardigans with your favourite pair of baggy Levis and some classic trainers. And these more simple black tops? Perfect for underneath one of those statement pastel coats adorned with some faux-fur. 

Not quite sure which way you're pastel inclined? No worries. Until the end of August, it's 3 for 2 on ALL rentals, so try them all. 

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