11 Jan 2022


A new year is upon us and we thought we would get in the January spirit and write down some of our intentions for 2022, because hey, what else is January for? But these aren’t your regular kind of resolutions, you won’t find “go Vegan” or “read more books” in this list (although both are great things to do), instead we wanted to focus on wardrobe resolutions.

We’ve compiled our five top wardrobe intentions for 2022 to help make our wardrobes more mindful and more authentically us. So if, like us, you’re wanting to fashion a more sustainable wardrobe, look no further…


Our first intention is possibly the most important one of them all. It sounds simple and perhaps even obvious, however in our experience, wearing only what we genuinely adore, what we feel a million dollars in, is much harder than it seems.

Every week it seems there are new trends we are told we *must* buy into, even if deep down we know they aren’t really our thing. We even sometimes wear things that are downright uncomfortable just to look a certain way or to fit with a certain idea of what is fashionable. Not only does this perpetuate throwaway fashion, but it also takes away from what clothes should be - empowering!

Zoe in the De La Vali Navy Silk Vivienne

Zoe in the De La Vali Navy Silk Vivienne

2. Don't buy clothes you're only going to wear once or twice, rent instead

All that being said, being adventurous and trying new styles and trends shouldn’t be totally shunned. It’s a well known fact that trying something your mum might tell you is outrageous is extremely exhilarating. 

Maybe that new trend is absolutely your thing, but you want to try it before you fully commit. In those moments of spontaneity, when you want to branch out, rent instead! You get all the thrills of exploring with your style without the same cost to the planet or your own wallet.

3. Buy nearly-new/preloved/secondhand when possible

Choosing to shop preloved and secondhand where possible is a no-brainer if you want to create a more sustainable wardrobe. Luckily for us, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to pre-loved shopping options.


At Endless, we wanted to make sustainable shopping easy, which is why we offer Nearly-new as one of our three ways to shop. Buying nearly-new is an affordable and more sustainable way of getting current, seasonal pieces but at a portion of the cost. These clothes have all been worn before, but are quality checked and kept in like-new condition by our fantastic warehouse team. That way you can shop second-hand stress-free. You’re welcome.


I don’t know about you, but my local highstreet is about 70% charity shops and 30% cafes, and I’m not mad about it. Charity shops and vintage stores are excellent and super easy ways of getting into second-hand shopping and finding preloved treasures for virtually nothing. 

For example, I once bought a £500 designer handbag for the grand total of £2 in a charity shop. Granted I didn’t know what it was worth when I bought it, but you can bet I felt pretty chuffed with myself when I did find out. There are so many gems like this hidden in vintage stores and charity shops just waiting to be found. Plus they make a great anecdote if you’re struggling for conversation with your in-laws.

Two of the best things to do when going vintage or charity shop shopping is to put aside a whole day and to go with a friend or someone’s eye you trust. You can often spend a lot of time scouring the rails to find just one piece that you truly love, but be patient because that one item will be a one-of-a-kind, unique piece that will elevate any outfit. Having someone else with you will also help stop impulse buys, not to mention help keep morale high when you’re on your fourteenth shop of the day. 

Alice and Olivia in the De La Vali Bluebell and Suki dresses

Alice and Olivia in the De La Vali Bluebell and Suki dresses

4. Follow your own personal style, rather than trends

Fashion is fleeting! Personal style sticks, it stays with you for life. Choose pieces that you know you will want to wear in years to come.

This takes us back to our first intention. How we dress has so much influence over how we view ourselves - it is how we present ourselves to the world - so let's put our best foot forward and say no to those passing, restrictive, and often-uncomfortable trends and instead let's dance to our own beat.

The Alba Cardigan by CINTA

The Alba Cardigan by CINTA

5. Be respectful of everyone's sustainable fashion journey

Some people are sustainable fashion veterans, and some are only just starting to explore their options. Just as personal style varies, so do people’s backgrounds and funds - all of which can affect how someone navigates sustainable fashion. Every path is valid and worthy. Be respectful, at the end of the day we’re all just doing what we can to defeat those fast fashion giants.

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