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16 Jun 2021


House of Sunny is one of those brands whose pieces never fail to bring a smile. With psychedelic pastels, faux fur and party pants galore, how could how could you not want to clothe yourself head to toe in that genius shade of pistachio green?

HOS have always been one of our most popular brands here on Endless and for good reason. Not only are they ridiculously joyful, they're also wonderfully sustainable. 

Founded in 2011 by Sunny Williams in East London, the house produces two collections a year in small runs to avoid wastage and promote conscious consumerism. Clever measures like anti-wastage prints, biodegradable product bags and avoiding air freight mean the brand produce highly sought-after and highly sustainable collections year after year.

And with fans including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, we're only too happy to bring you a piece of the pistachio action to rent, buy new or nearly-new right here on Endless Wardrobe. 

So, what's new? Feast your eyes on these beauties...


Thought you couldn't obsess over a dress like you did the iconic Hockney? Thing again. Meet the latest offering from HOS: she's pastel, she's super flattering and she's bringing really Good Vibrations.


She was gone in two swings of a beach hammock last time around so we are beyond excited to see Peggy back and more fabulous than ever. 


Need we say more? Nothing says countdown to Freedom Day like a sexy halter and matching pistachio trousers (plus it matches your iced matcha like an absolute dream).

Whether you're renting for the weekend or investing in a piece to keep forever, head over to shop your favourite HOS styles rn. 

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