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19 Nov 2021



The clocks have gone back, and the onesies are once again out from the corners of the wardrobe. Slowly, but inevitably, winter season has crept up on us. But this year, we’re saying no to a gloomy winter and instead we’re bringing back the essence of summer through our style. Introducing PAPER London.

Ever thought about what happens when a badass lawyer and a fab knitwear designer come together? Well we’ve got the answer. Say hey to PAPER London, a contemporary but timeless label, with a sustainable edge crafted to make you look and feel amazing. Corporate lawyer, Philippa Thackeray, and Temperley London knitwear designer, Kelly Townsend, met and bonded over their love of fashion and the rest was history. Well, not quite. The rest was sculptural silhouettes, exquisite fabrics, and 'fits that put the planet first. 

Meet the makers 

Founded by Philippa Thackeray and Kelly Townsend, the London-based, ready-to-wear womenswear label was launched in 2011. Between them, the pair pulled together a notable list of wins before releasing PAPER London. Central Saint Martins graduate Kelly Townsend was formerly a knitwear designer at Temperley before launching the brand. Whereas, fellow founder and University of Bristol graduate Philippa Thackeray is from a very different industry as a former-lawyer. The label has also attracted a star-studded clientele, including style icons Solange Knowles, Margot Robbie and JLo. Naturally, it has been featured in many leading fashion publications from Vogue UK to Tatler.

“Look good, do good, feel good”

The brand mantra at PAPER encapsulates their belief in a positive and sustainable fashion industry, where style and a clear conscience can co-exist. Their sustainability story began with a visit to a beautiful exotic beach in Mexico with plush white beaches and a crystalline turquoise-blue ocean. Years later, co-founder and creative director Kelly visited the same beach to find what was once a blinding white beach, was now grey, littered and looking miserable. The ocean was red and thick with seaweed, the locals spoke of their growing concerns for their home. Climate change and mass pollution had devastating effects on this beach - Philippa and Kelly were devastated. Ever since then, the brand has been transformed by a new purpose. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” As said by the brand itself, nobody's perfect, but they are doing all they can to be part of a positive change in the world. This is a collective mission that they are invested in right from their supply chains through to their customers. 



What’s winter fashion without a white jumper or jacket? Let’s start off with our staples. We see these looks on a chilled winter walk with your favourite long boots and – of course – perfectly matched with a tall flask of hot chocolate. Or if you’re looking to step out for a bit more of a soiree, why not pair them with some black leather trousers?


Meet Martha and Nathalie, they’re sisters but not twins...

Martha’s the more going out type – loves hanging with friends, a sucker for a pop of colour. She looks great with a cute pair of pink heels or maybe green if you’re feeling a little grinchy. Though sometimes (on very rare occasions) she likes to keep it classic, with a silver stiletto to keep everything in sync.

Then you have Nathalie, she seems a bit more reserved at first glance, but she’s a little risqué once you take a closer look. She’s a timeless beauty and looks great with a pair of cream heels or white trainers if you’re taking her out for a winter walk.


And lastly we have Neli and Tehea, now these two are the identical twins we all wish we were half of. Tehea likes to keep it subtle, a little shoulder cleavage here, a few pleats there. She makes a statement without having to say a word. Even with just a pair of white jeans, her presence never goes unacknowledged. On the other hand, we have Neli – the belle of the ball, the star of the show, the superstar in every room. Give Neli a fitted white top and she’s off! And don’t worry, these two get along just fine so of course, together they’re unstoppable. 

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