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20 Aug 2021


Summer is coming to an end: long summer days are turning into those colder autumn evenings, bright green leaves are transforming orange and iced coffees are becoming hot ones. This summer has been strange (to say the least) and we wouldn't blame you if you needed to carry a bit of that sunny hedonism into the colder months. This is where our new brand Cinta the Label comes in. 

Cinta the Label is the brainchild of founder Amy Sturgis, whose years in the fashion business have manifested as a brand full of timeless, vintage-inspired pieces. Cinta was born out of Amy's love for the prints she saw during her childhood in Spain. This, alongside her passion for mindfulness and astrology, has evolved into the collection that Cinta is today. Think 60s inspired silhouettes, prairie-style dresses, subtle embroideries and fun colour palettes that radiate Amy's energy from within.


We can’t really talk about Cinta without a look at the lady behind the brand. Amy Sturgis is not new to the fashion industry. Working for brands like Manolo Blahnik, Amy organised events, brand pop-ups and found her place in the business side of the fashion world. While you might think this would manifest into a decidedly more serious collection, Cinta proves otherwise and instead reveals the effortless, unserious and whimsical nature at Amy's core. That’s what makes Cinta so fun, in fact: Amy strives to find that child-like fun in us all. Inclusivity is at the core of the brand in this sense, also. In an interview with Forbes she expressed how important it is for the pieces not just to appeal to herself and her peers, but older generations too. 


Cinta the Label’s identity goes far beyond the clothes alone. Amy Sturgis is a big believer in astrology. Not only does this pervade into the designs, with her early collections containing pieces named after the star-signs, but it informs Amy’s decision as the founder. In an interview with Forbes, Amy talked about how she has “learnt to believe in the universe and its timing". Mindfulness is also at the core of Cinta. While mindfulness has become a sort of buzzword, Amy has found that implementing the values it represents into her business is very rewarding. During the pandemic, the Cinta team sent out self-care packages to the clients, journalists and influencers that had supported Cinta. For Amy this reinforced a large part of the message behind her label: being kind. The notion of mindfulness also pervades into how the Cinta pieces are made.The brand has slowed down: it’s all about doing small runs and seasonal drops with women-run factories.


While the sun’s still shining (...just about), it’s time to talk about the short ones. Meet Scarlett, Serena and Lysander. We envisage these three at a festival: pair with cowboy boots for an eclectic look or some trainers if you’re planning a bit of a dance-a-thon. If a cheeky bra-less moment isn’t your thing, play with what underwear you let peek out from underneath, too. A simple neon bikini would work great. If you’re lucky enough to be squeezing in some kind of beachy vacay, you’ve got to fit the Serena in your suitcase. Pair with bare feet, platform flip-flops and be all bohemian and brave being bra-less. 

Meet Bonnie, Remi and Grace. While the ruche detailing and broiderie fabric may make you want to immediately chuck your shoes off and frolic in a field, we can see these becoming an autumnal classic paired with some tights, chunky Doc Martens and a vintage leather biker jacket. With Grace’s longer length, she’s just dying to be chucked underneath your favourite oversized knit too.

Introducing Astrid, Willow and Daphne. Dress them for a holiday with bare-feet and not much else. The timeless silhouette of these babies does all the talking while the cheeky cut-out tie detail on the front and back adds a much needed modern update with a lot of va-va-voom. If you think these might be suitable to see you through the autumn months too, you’re right. We envisage these under a chunky cardigan that falls off your shoulders, paired with some chunky loafers and white socks. 1940s school girl chic. 

Tempted you yet? Have you made it this far? If you haven’t already, get shopping. Cinta the Label is live on the website, right now. 

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