it's time to change your relationship status with fashion

Break up with throwaway fashion. Stop ghosting those items shoved in the back of your closet that you never wear. Our aim at Endless is to help you make more mindful and considered choices when shopping. 

Only going to wear that top once? Instead of buying it and never wearing it, just rent it. Found a piece you love but are on a budget? Buy it nearly-new rather than finding a cheap knock-off. Is that dress going to be your signature uniform? Rather than settling for an alternative that you don't really love, invest in it.

We want to make it easy to shop in a way that better suits how you wear clothes.

Helping you to shop in a way that is better for you and less negatively impactful on the planet is core to Endless. But we know our impact can go much further. 

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Whilst we have some pretty big ambitions on the positive impact we want to have, it is a journey. While we’re proud of what we’ve set up so far, we still have a lot more we want to achieve. We’ll start by sharing what we’re currently doing to reduce our negative impact on the planet and support the transition to a sustainable future:

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Did you know roughly £30 billion worth of clothes are hanging in UK wardrobes that have never been worn. Ever. That’s a lot of midi dresses. And a lot of money!

The circular economy is an alternative to our traditional linear economy where things are made, used, and disposed. One of the key principles of circularity is to keep products and materials in use forever. We want to ensure our customers find clothes they love and will wear endlessly, but if they know they’re only going to wear something once, they shouldn’t have to buy it and then figure out how to get rid of it. Instead, we’re helping more people wear the same items, keeping them in use.

As much as we make this an incredibly easy process for customers, we’re also aware that it can be daunting for brands. We take over all the logistics for the brands we work with so that joining the circular economy is easy for them as well. Through Endless, brands can offer customers a way to buy new, nearly-new or rent just by joining us.



Ensuring like new quality on rentals and our nearly-new products is what makes us different. That means we do a lot of cleaning so that any product we send out is just as good as if a customer bought it from a shop. And when you think about the best way to clean clothes, dry cleaning probably comes to mind.

However, conventional dry cleaning is energy and water intensive while also requiring harsh chemicals. So instead, we use ozone cleaning and sanitation which actually sanitises to a medical grade standard using no harsh chemicals and minimal energy and water. Our cleaning partner also is a zero waste to landfill business and has a net zero carbon emissions by 2023 goal. 

If you’re interested in learning more, you can read about their practices here.

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Getting clothes to and from our customers is another big area of impact for us. We work with DPD who are certified carbon neutral and offset the emissions from their journeys. This means that they measure the CO2 footprint of all their deliveries and operations, actively work to reduce them, and then neutralise the remaining emissions by investing in carbon offsets. The offset products they focus on are verified by Verified Carbon Standard. 

For returns our customers are given a DPD and Royal Mail return label. Although Royal Mail is not certified carbon neutral they are also working to reduce their carbon emissions. They do a lot more deliveries on foot, are increasingly using bio-CNG and electric vehicles and are building more local collect points so customers have to travel less for parcels.

If all this carbon chat is getting ya going, you can read more about DPD’s sustainability efforts here and Royal Mail’s here.

Endless Packaging


So your rental has arrived and you can’t wait to show it off. Just take off the tags and you’re good to go! On your way out, just pop the swing tag in your recycling bin. Our swing tags and postcards are 100% recycled card and are also recyclable.

The mailer bag your item came in is designed to be reused. When it’s time to return your rental or if you’ve bought something that's not quite right for you, use the same bag it came in to send it back to us. If you’ve bought an item that's a bit of you and you’re going to wear it endlessly, the mailer bag is recyclable at your local plastic bag recycling points, often in supermarkets.

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So, while that’s us for now we have big plans for the future. Watch this space.