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About Us

Endless Wardrobe is the new way to shop. We are the first and only site where you can shop the same style three ways: buy new, nearly new, or rent from your favourite brands. 

Endless is now the only multi-brand retailer offering 3 ways to shop every style: buy new, nearly-new and rent. We always work with our brands directly and never with other people's clothes, or wardrobes (we get asked that a lot!). This means you can expect like-new quality on everything from Endless, next day delivery, and gold standard customer service.

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Welcome to Endless!

We started out as two friends who had been sharing clothes for many years for nights out, parties, holidays, dates.. etc! We couldn't believe that an affordable rental option for these life events didn't exist on a big scale at the time - so we set out to build Endless Wardrobe.

We cannot solve today’s problems with the same thinking that created them. This is why we want to promote mindful consumption habits by encouraging us all to think about how we will use a garment and offer the choices on how to shop accordingly. 

We believe, if you're going to wear something once or twice, rent it. If you're going to wear it endlessly, buy it.

The Endless pop-up

Our aim is to provide a diverse range of styles and options for how to shop them so you can make the best wardrobe decisions for yourself and the planet. We want to make aspirational brands accessible and affordable, while keeping clothes in use and out of landfills. 

By offering our three ways to shop, we aim to give every Endless customer the freedom to choose the retail path that works best for you, whether that is finding those one-time wears for a special event or a forever piece that will be worn and loved for years to come. 

Knowing that you have the freedom to shop sustainably in the way that best suits your style and your needs means each Endless customer will feel empowered with an endless wardrobe.

Find out a little more about us and our journey here.